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‘Attacks on Scott Walker Remind of Reagan’

by on March 5, 2015

Image result for reagan superior to carter imagesImage result for reagan superior to carter images

Just as backlash to failed Carter Administration helped to neutralize the Republican ‘Establishment’ and usher in a Reagan Conservative Revolution of American Exceptionalism… So is Walker’s Wisconsin success and Presidential run, doing in wake of Obama failed socialist excursion and running down of America…

Image result for walker superior to obama images

Image result for walker superior to obama images

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  1. haha Walkie-Talkie.. you can keep your Obama economy debt & real unemployment.. i’ll stick w/ Ronnie! whatch you gonna do when PrezWalker comes for you?

    • Walkie Wawtmire aka Ronald L. Hoopa-doooz-its permalink

      When Prez Scottie-girl Walker implements a Reagan-style dictatorship, led by Amnestied illegal slime, legal slime and Porno Reekinz’, will flee for my life. GG Allin was a god, you are a Punjabi-Bobbie Gin-drinker type.

      Roobio, Teodro KKKruz, Roberta Mean-endez, Loo-eese Goon-tierrez and the Louisiana Lice aforementioned above will be joining Walker and traitor Jeeeb Booosh in trying to place most of us in concentration camps.

      • haha consider fleeing now WalkieTalkie to Cuba.. your ObamaCon savior has ClubGitmo suite waiting for you.. ReaganROCKS! TeddyCruz ScottyWalker RandPaul…. any of ’em gonna ROCK your world next year…. so start packin’ fool 🙂

      • only dictator here is Barry O.. Reagan worked to liberate millions around world.. ended cold war.. peace thru strength bro.. staunch defender of our Constitution & Liberties.. limited gov.. resume, accomplishment, leadership off the charts…. your clown has exact opposite all categories.. has no business being prez.. Ronnie broke Soviet dictator commies… Barry teams up w/ Castro dictators and bows to all bad guys… wanna be dictator been tryin for 6 yrs on all fronts… he frustrated TeaParty slowed him and now majority waking up…2010 & 2012 landslides against him….mmmmmm…. now really walkietalike, who’s been into the gin!…..

  2. Walkie Wawtmire aka Ronald L. Hoopa-doooz-its permalink

    Stock market is at highest ever point so calling Boratt Who-sane O’Belchki a ‘socialist’ seems
    rather lame-brained. Ronald Wilson Reagan is 666, El Diablo and the Anti-Christ aka the Auntie-Khryst. There is your Trinity.

    • ‘wanna-be-socialist/communist = see Obama oversight policy-reg grabs-and trackrecord/upbringing.. now who’s the UNAmerican?.. lol

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