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“BAROCKLAND” (“I think when you spread the ‘suck’ around… it’s good for everybody”)

by on November 21, 2014

“BAROCKLAND” (“I think when you spread the ‘suck’ around… it’s good for everybody”)

(music by Barock’s #1 fan (behind Chris Christie): Bruce Springsteen

– From “OBAMAVILLE” TO “BAROCKLAND”, & all the ‘SUCK’ in between! 😦 …… ‘BAROCK’ ON! 🙂


The Republicans had a homecomin’..
In DC on election night..
& ‘Harry The Rat’ had to give up his obstruction schemes..
In the Senate now, he’s outta line 🙂
‘Princess Girl’ spittin’ on a Gruber mirage..
Spewin’ more bull, in the exposed Obamacare charade..
‘The Rat’ with his head down 😦 at ‘WH lunch’ not even at glance 😦
Together they forsake their ‘Obama Romance’..
& disappear down the ‘Demorat-hole Drain’……. 🙂

Well, the ‘Maximum Lawlessman’ opens up ‘Deomorat-hole’..
Draggin’ down ‘Reid The Rat’, and the ‘Princess Girl..
& the RINO’s ’round here act just like shadows..
Always quiet, reachin’ out their hands.. 😦
From the open borders to the jails..
Illegals are no longer silent in our world.. 🙂

As Alinsky Jr. takes his stand….

Down… in… BAROCKLAND!…….

GUITAR! 🙂 ….

Well, the Occupy Gangs assembled..
& picked Ferguson, for a fight..
They’ll meet Holder ‘neath that giant ACORN sign..
As New Black Panthers break out all the streetlights…. 🙂
Barry’s got a ‘Race opera’ on his NBC news site..
There’s a ‘community agitator’ ballet being staged out at Sharpton’s rally..
Targetin’ the local cops, protests & looting won’t stop..
‘Til they rip ‘unholy Whites’!…..

Amnesty’s alive, as campaign debts are paid..
Illegals stay, their status all clean 🙂
Their kids stashed in towns, across our states..
Hustled into schools & mainstreamed….

The ‘well fed’ and ‘no longer hunted’…
Explode from Club Gitmo mad 😦
And face off against us again out on Iraq streets…

Down… in… BAROCKLAND!……..


In our embassy lot, brave visionaries..
Rushed in to save the day…
State-side the ‘Obama Girls’ (Hillary/Rice) are spinnin’,
To the YouTube video that ‘DJ Barry’ plays…. 😦

Broken hearted veterans, struggle & are cornered..
Desperate as the VA abandons & moves on 😦 …..
Barock don’t even look, he just whispers..
“scandal be gone”……. 😦

BILL ‘SlickWillie’ CLINTON SAX SOLO! 🙂 …..


Beneath… ‘BullShit City’… two creeps meet.. (Lerner & Barock)
Sole effort to target groups on ‘The Right’ so intended…
In a committee room hot… demands for deleted emails are not soft…
First refusals… & then… ‘crashed hard-drives’ that can’t be surrendered…. 🙂

In the Senate tunnels uptown…
Harry The Rat’s own schemes brought him down.. 🙂
The ‘Bills’ piled high on his desk, up and out of sight….. 😦
He couldn’t watch FOX as the election slipped away 😦 ….
Or as the Princess denies the ‘Goober slights’….. 🙂 …

Outside the world’s on fire,
In a surreal death waltz..
Between ISIS flesh and ‘Leading-From-Behind’ fantasy….. 😦
And Lerch Kerry over there, don’t solve nothin’ at all! 😦
He just wind-surfs, & let’s it all be……

And in the quick of the ‘run-off’ fight..
Landrieu reaches for her ‘Keystone moment’,
& tries to make a dishonest stand..
But she winds up ‘one vote wounded’ 🙂
Soon to be politically dead… 🙂

Tonight… In…

B A.. R O C K.. L A N D!……..

‘O’oooooo!….. 😦

‘O’oooooooo!….. 😦

‘O’oooooooooooo!…… 😦

‘O’ooooo!…… 😦

‘O’ooooooo!…… 😦

‘O’oooooooooooo!………. 😦

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