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by on March 13, 2014

(music by Waylon Jennings – The DUKES OF HAZZARD)

SARAH PALIN @ CPAC: “2010… hey ‘Beltway Boys’, you didn’t build that.. the TeaParty did!”

“The MODS Of DC” starring: Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor & many more mushballs…
also, frequent guest appearances by John McCain as ‘Crazy Cooter’!….

Intro GUITAR 🙂 ….

Just ‘go-along-to-get-along’ boys…
Doin’ America harm… 😦
Beat by all Dems they ever saw..
Give Cruz trouble, let Barry break laws 😦
Hate the day TeaParty was born…..

Spineless with no nerve…
Fattenin’ ‘The Hill’…
Someday the voters might get ’em but ‘principle’ never will 😦 ….

Moderatin’s their way!…… 😦

Cavin’s the only way they know how….. 😦

But that’s just a little bit more than Conservatives allow…..

Just da ‘Beltway Boys’…
Wouldn’t change if they could…
Protectin’ their system like true Establishment RINOs should…. 😦


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