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by on January 28, 2014

“The Unknown Teleprompter” being loaded…

“aahh damn!.. I gotta spew this bullshit again??!!” 😦

(music from ‘The Fall Guy’ TV show – full version)Well I’m not the kind to kiss & tell..
But I’ve been loaded to scare ya..
I’ve even been to a kindergarten class deliverin’ lines..
What a waste of my time.. 😦
I’ve been on fire rippin’ the Republican field..
Put away fast ’cause of a dog named Bo 😦
But somehow Barry gets the credit everytime….

It’s a gaffe-defying life I lead..
From Biden I don’t even get glances..
Obama would love to load me with movies & TV..
But the hardest thing I ever did was watch the 1st-Lady..
Beamed into the Oscars while her bangs blocked out me 😦 …..

My print ain’t small when it’s all scrollin’….
I roll a speech like a brand new golf-cart….
That made Obama such a star……

I’m the reason Barack sounds so cool..
I’ve replayed his bullshit plenty..
It’s true I wasn’t at the Denver debate 😦 NO WAY!
I’ve gotten mocked on FOX TV..
Loaded up with a wrong speech I had to squelch..
When the wind blew me over Biden said “now what’s the President gonna say”…
Hey hey! πŸ™‚

I’m on the stump talkin’ ’bout crumblin’ bridges..
State of the Union workin’ overtime….
& that Eastwood’s ’empty-chair’ was outta line! 😦

They’ll never make me president..
But without me there’d be no hopey-changey…
During sequestration I was threatening constantly.. scarey!
A morning show with Diane Sawyer.. I flash at night on Letterman..
But in the end I’m never even seen 😦

I’m on call as criticism’s buildin’..
So Barry’s image don’t get hurt..
I might bleep out his ramblins..
So at the presser Slick’s free to flirt..
While that smooth talker gets to rule the world..
I just get put on stand-by alert 😦
That made a hero out of that twerp! …

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