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If I was the President, we’d have ZERO deficit + ZERO unemployment! …

by on January 5, 2014

1. I’d start out by making a law stating that all who are born are citizens of whatever country their birthing mother are citizens of (this would be retroactive if the birthing mother was, and still is, in this country illegally) regardless of what “soil” they’re born on;

2. All illegals would be shipped back to whatever country they are citizens of, but would be given applications on the way out to apply for re-entry legally (depending upon our availability);

3. Line up every welfare recipient to see if they can be placed in a job vacated by an illegal (train if necessary);

4. Institution of a flat 10% tax rate, and ALL deductions and loopholes closed;

5. Mandatory retirement age of 70;

6. Dump OBAMACARE and go back to way insurance was but place caps on rates and prohibit insurance companies from denying benefits to those with preexisting conditions;

7. Enchance medicare and Medicaid to take place of OBAMACARE so that those without insurance can still be treated properly at medical facilities and doctors can receive proper and fair compensation;

8. Institute Congressional term limits;

9. Photo id mandatory for all voting, or you cannot vote;

10. Slash government civilian waste jobs;

11. Severely beef UP government military spending, benefits, support and jobs;

12. Cease government vacation travel of President — while in office cannot “vacation” farther than 100 mile radius from White House;

13. Reopen White House to its owners, and no Presidential private parties to be held in White House at any time for any reason if White House is ever “closed”.

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