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O’Reilly: Obama indecisive on international scene

by on August 28, 2013

By Bill O’Reilly

This man, Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad is a war criminal, a mass murderer and a baby killer. By using poison gas on Syrian civilians which is against the Geneva Convention, Assad is now responsible for thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths, according to the humanitarian group, Doctors without Borders. So there is no question that Assad must be held accountable.

If you believe in American exceptionalism that this country has a moral obligation to save lives when it can all over the world, then you know the USA must act against Assad as it did against Saddam Hussein.

However, we cannot make the same mistakes we made in Iraq. President Obama is now perceived throughout the world as indecisive when it comes to righting international wrongs. Putin and Russia, the Chinese and Iran do not fear him. Those countries do pretty much what they want to do. And in this case that means supporting the mass killer, Assad.

So Mr. Obama has a unique opportunity not only to damage Assad but to show the world that we are the good guys and that those helping Assad are the bad guys.

In order to do that the President must be methodical. First, he must convince other countries to support military strikes against Syria — seems British, French and Turks are already on board. So that’s a huge plus. But the President should secure the support of as many Arab countries as possible beginning with Saudi Arabia.

Then President Obama should go to Congress and ask for a vote of affirmation on using military power. “Talking Points” believes Congress will support the action.

Finally in conjunction with NATO the USA should devise a bombing campaign that will degrade Assad’s forces without the mass killing of civilians and that will not be easy.

At the same time, Mr. Obama must ask the Russians and the Chinese to support NATO action and get them on the record. Also, the USA should lay out explicitly how the barbaric Iranian government is helping the war criminal Assad. If the President does all those things he will gain a measure of respect throughout the world and perhaps bring down Assad.

Now we all understand the situation inside Syria is chaotic with jihadist involved. But if America wants to be a world leader we can’t allow a tyrant to violate international law by using chemicals weapons. If Assad gets away with that, the world will devolve into a destructive free fire zone where anything goes.

And that’s “The Memo.”

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