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Second-Rate Appointments From A Third-Rate President

by on February 13, 2013



  1. guitargod permalink

    sometimes it takes rollin’ round in the gutter to give you perspective back…. this is definite LOWpt for USA… but we will recover & learn how never to let this type of decay rise again….. ROCK ON Patriots!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    And a low-rent first lady skank to boot!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    This is what leading from behind looks like. All of their faces are identical to their posteriors, so you know who they are, whether they are coming or going. A classic case of how to turn the United States into a world laughing stock in four easy years. But, the POTUS will dazzle once again on his upcoming roadrunner hop, skips and jumps across America and the world. Moochele needs to get out for some fresh air, you know. And Air Force One needs to dump more fuel in the skies across the U.S.A. and the world so the price at the pump becomes less affordable. Not to be outdone, Moochele will travel in her own chariots in the sky. Gotta have some place for those 300 hand maidens, ya know.

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