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Obama’s America: Tiny Homes The New Trend

by on December 10, 2012

The voice-over continues: “These young professionals have turned this once vacant alley lot into a tiny home community, living small in a city that’s short on space.” One of the young “professionals” then intones he is “driven by a desire for financial freedom not financial necessity.”
Translation: young people can’t find jobs, have no money, and are tired of living in their parents’ basements, but can’t afford more than a small closet.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Welcome to your new reality, kids:

    1) You will live in a broom closet.

    2) Your job will involve asking “Do you want fries with that?” If you are lucky.

    3) You will owe 5 years of your wages in student loans.

    Meanwhile, your idol is going on a $4 million vacation in Hawaii while the economy tanks, and the Middle East burns. He despises you. He is laughing at you.

    You helped re-elect him.

    You deserve it.

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