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by on March 25, 2015

(music by Bruce Springsteen)

SETTING: sometime in the early 2020’s…


oh yeah..

Image result for obama biden golfing pics

I had a veep was a big goofball, gaffe maker..
Back when I ruled…
We just threw that ‘Obamacare speedball’ by you..
Made Republicans look like fool boys… 🙂
Saw him the other night at the ‘clubhouse’ bar..
I was struttin’ in, he was, stumblin’ out…
We went back inside, sat down, had a few drinks..
But all he kept babblin’ about…. was,

Glory Days!…
Well, ‘stimulus’ passed on by… 🙂 (& shovel ready jobs)
Glory Days!…
With a wink, tellin’ all those lies… 🙂
Glory Days!…


Well, there was a girl (princess), that lived up Pennsylvania Ave a few blocks..
When we ruled, she would crack all the House Dem boy’s heads…
Sometimes on a ‘news-dump’ Friday (or Christmas Eve),
I’d stop by to iron out the kinks..
Before she rammed through Bills unread…. 🙂 uh huh..
Her & her, homie Harry, well, they’d team up..
I guess we had total control then for 2 years, now…
We’d just sit around, obstructin’ all the time,
She says now, when she feels like cryin’,
‘Socialized medicine’ gets her laughin’, thinkin’ ’bout..

Glory Days!…
Well, ‘Obamacare’ passed on by… 🙂 (& the website)
Glory Days!…
With a wink, loved to demonize… 🙂
Glory Days!…

‘Barock’ it now..

John Kerry GUITAR 🙂 …..


Think I’m goin’ down to the, course today,
& I’m gonna golf, but never get my fill 🙂 …..
And I hope as ‘my legacy’ gets older, college kids’ll sit around (gettin’ stoned) praisin’ it..
But I know their professors will 🙂 …..

Image result for obama choom gang images

Yeah just,
Sittin’ back (hangin’ with old Choom Gang in Hawaii), tryin’ to recapture..
A little of the glory & greek columns…
Well now ‘my media’s’ slipped away 😦
& left me with nothin’ mister but,
FOX news stories of…… 😦

Glory Days!…
Yeah, Amnesty passed on by… 🙂 (open borders & illegals)
Glory Days!…
With a wink, & radical disguise…
Glory Days!…

Image result for obama greek columns teleprompter pics


Yeah! Iran nukes passed on by… 🙂 (& no more Israel)
Glory Days!…
With a wink, tellin’ all those lies… 🙂
Glory Days!…


Image result for obama teleprompter pics

well alright!
Gitmo detainees all gone now… 🙂 oow yeah!

well alright!
Iraq & Afghanistan controlled by terrorists now… 🙂

Image result for obama logo accorn pics

Ooo oo!..

Ooo oo!..

Alright Occupiers, keep on protestin’ now… 🙂
keep on goin..
Gonna go to 1%er homes now 🙂 …

Ooo yeah!
harass their wives & kids now!..

Ooo oo!
well, alright! 🙂

Image result for aged obama pics

“Bush did it”… 😦

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