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Senate’s Reid: Debt-Limit Hike Must be Part of Cliff Deal

by on November 30, 2012

Senator Harry Reid says a fiscal cliff deal is possible only with a debt ceiling hike. We heard the same thing a year ago when the national debt approached the $14 Trillion debt ceiling. There was certainly no preventative action taken to lower the debt to $13 or even $12 Trillion. And of course there’s been no corrective action to return the debt back to $14 Trillion. We are now pushing $16.5 Trillion. The Democrat President and Democrat Senate have no vision, no plan, and no record of action other than rejecting Republican proposals. All of the President’s budget proposals have been rejected by the Democrat Senate. The Democrat majority has run Trillion dollar plus budget deficits every year of the current Administration. How will we the American People ever get a quality solution to the festering problem? How can the government spending crisis be blamed on us the taxpayers for rejecting tax increase proposals when the problem is clearly undisciplined Majority leadership?

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Darn tootin you would

  2. Anonymous permalink

    If I went to work everyday and argued and argued and didn’t get anything accomplished, I’d be fired.

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