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by on November 11, 2012

On November 6,  2012, 3.2 million fewer Americans voted for Mitt Romney than President Obama. 61.8 million Americans voted for Obama, while only 58.6 million voted for Romney.

Despite losing the popular vote 51% to 48%–not a landslide for Obama by any means, but on the other hand not the “neck and neck” outcome many predicted–Mitt Romney would be President today if he had secured 333,908 more votes in four key swing states.

The final electoral college count gave President Obama a wide 332 to 206 margin over Romney. 270 electoral college votes are needed to win the Presidency.

Romney lost New Hampshire’s 4 electoral college votes by a margin of 40,659. Obama won with 368,529 to Romney’s  327,870.

Romney lost Florida’s 29 electoral college votes  by a margin of 73,858. Obama won with 4,236,032 to Romney’s 4,162,174.

Romney lost Ohio’s 18 electoral college votes by a margin of 103,481. Obama won with 2,697,260 to Romney’s 2,593,779

Romney lost Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes by a margin of 115,910. Obama won with 1,905,528 to Romney’s  1,789,618.

Add the 64 electoral college votes from this switch of 333,908 votes in these four key states to Romney’s 206, remove them from Obama’s 332, and Romney defeats Obama 270 to 268.

Overall, voter turnout was down, from 131 million in 2008 to 122 million in 2012. Obama won 7.6 million fewer votes than he did in 2008, and Romney won 1.3 million fewer than McCain in 2008.

Romney improved his vote total’s over McCain’s by the slightest amount in three of these four states, but in Ohio, he actually had 81,000 fewer votes than McCain in 2008.

What do these facts tell us?

Both parties lost support of the population in the four years between 2008 and 2012. While Obama lost more support, he started with more, and he was able to hang on to enough of his base to overcome Romney’s inability to keep and expand his base.

Obama’s victory doesn’t constitute a mandate for his far left agenda to “transform America” into some nightmarish amalgam combining the worst features of a European socialist state with an Indonesian oligarchy.

This election was not about grand vision. It was about small details and focused pandering to specific demographic groups.

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  1. guitargod permalink

    O’Con got 8 million fewer votes than 08.. Romney got less than McCain did! Romney should have got millions more than he did had he simply addressed all issues in context of American Conservatism & explained benefit & opportunity to each voter group.. he wouldve easily won the race.. wouldnt even have been close.. instead he ran away from most issues or hid meekly in moderate middle….. despite fraud.. despite ocon voters swayed.. despite voters staying home or voting 3rd party.. this was Mitts to lose by not executing… he wilted & fumbled on the final drive 😦

    • All the damn purists who stayed home to “protest” Romney because he’s too “moderate” or because he’s “Mormon.” Well I hope they’re happy that they just helped re-elect the obama-con socialist marxist back into power. Boobs.

      Romney is a conservative. Just look at the man, his wife, his sons, his family and everything they do to help others without running around telling everyone about all the good that they do. THAT’S A TRUE CONSERVATIVE AND PATRIOT. He’s a much better person than all these talk-show radio hosts mocking others and calling everyone else names and spewing hate that they somehow seem to want to call “conservatism.” Some of these loons even want to quote scriptures and use God’s name (in vain I might add). Loons.

      • guitargod permalink

        you continue to completely miss the underlying & main reason why Mitt lost.. HE DID NOT EXECUTE HIS CAMPAIGN IN AN AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE CONTEXT.. period. This is not some “purist doctrine”… rather it is traditional principles based on freedom & liberty.. its what built us and applies to ANY issue.. ANY group.. ANY time…. Mitt did NOT address a number of important issues in the economic, social & foreign areas.. or when he did, it was weak and half-way.. i think he thought people would understand on their own or see the stark contrast between him & O’Con and support him based on this?? it simply doent work that way.. you MUST: explain, educate, persuade, convince & INSPIRE these various groups & mindsets to process your pts into what they hold important.. you MUST articulate the benefit & result to THEM!
        I know Romneys a conserv, he’s lived it.. he would a been great.. but you have to win it 1st!!! lokk at the TP voters & candidates of 2010.. that entire thing was instinctibe American Conservatism in action because we knew a full majority Left was dictating on Spending and healthcare and such….. Conservatism is American creed & blueprint for growth, security and independence for all… many citizens dont understand this and this middle group is our target for the future…. but it will take leadeship ala Reagan or Rubio or Ryan… these guys preach solutions and real examples of success and are not afraid to USE it when campaigning! look at Rubio in 2010 taking out a bigtime Moderate in FLA………..
        if it werent for an embrace & then a campaign executing conservative principles in 2010.. we would have NO brakes at all on O’Con tyranney & abuse!!! think about that… if we hadn’t got the House.. we’d be screwed!! and think about the “moderate” supposedly smarter & “bring others together” not set hair on fire” campaigns of Romney & McCain.. sounded good but WE LOST!!!!
        and that is your problem here 14all’er.. you are falling for the moderate “inclusive” speak because on surface it sounds right but it is a MIRAGE… per Reagan reign, you stand boldly on Right & persuade/attract clear & significant majorites of all stripes to you because conserv principles/policy work! SEE ROMNEY LIFE STORY OF SUCCESS!!!! yes mitt has lived this but he failed miserably to sell it to again, not the zombies, but rather the repub/conserv base & middle/mod inddees & even left leaners (bluedogs) who were ripe for the pickin, but he just DIDNT INSPIRE DIDNT PERSUADE……..
        dont blame the various voter blocks! thats stunningly shallow – Blame the Candidate! thats their job & definition to running a campaign…. TO WIN!! again. all he had to do is engage on any number of issues and he wouldve won! easily! he chose to play it safe for whatever reason and ran way from healthcare.. Bain.. benghazi.. religion.. abortion.. contraception.. welfare.. immigration.. entitlements (even when Ryan has proposed specific plans!!!)… on & on…. he did NOT discuss & explain free markets & how they benefit all to any extent.. he certainlt did not tie it to specific groups & give real life solutions & benfits to them while articulating the pitfalls of DEPENDENCE…. nada!
        you cant possibly say (w/ anything other than blind ann coulture romnesia) that Romney earned & deserved to win………………..

  2. 14allnall41 permalink

    MANY counties, nationwide, are reporting “more ballots cast, than people in their counties!” I would say there’s something more going on! (It’s “illegal” to live in one county and go vote in another county!) In Colorado alone, if you count every man, woman, and child in 17 of the suspect counties, you STILL have “too many Ballots cast!”

    In Florida on Tuesday only one precinct had less than 113% turnout. “The Unofficial vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10% ). In Allen West’s district, the National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county. The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, had this to say concerning the 141% voter turnout: “They may have had something like that in Palm Beach County, but we’ve never seen that here.”

    It’s clear that Obama won through voter fraud.

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