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by on October 17, 2012

(music by Ozzy Osbourne)

Image result for candy crowley obama romney pics

Candy Crowley…
You showed the bias in your head…
Oh Candy Crowley…
Influencing the questions you were fed…
Your moderating style to us seemed so pathetic..
Obama was thrilled with it all….
You didn’t fool all those Independents with your static..
Yeah, as you waited at Barock’s beck and call……

Mitt was solid & charming…
In spite of your lure…
Barry was alarming…
Even with your supportive rapport…
Mitt uncovered things off limits & sacred..
Manifest on your turf..
Oh, perceived in your eyes as your bid..
Yeah, you shattered equal time & turns!……

Image result for candy crowley obama romney pics


Candy Crowley…
You spoke so much, are you hoarse?..
Candy Crowley…
But you were objective, of course…..
Fulfilling a liberal role that is classic..
You heard Martha Raddatz’s call..
Approaching election time that is drastic..
Propping up Obama’s back to the wall!…..


Were you polemically sent?? 😦
We wanna know your intent……
Mitt wants to know!….
We wanna know what Benghazi meant???.. yeah!

Image result for candy crowley obama romney pics


Image result for candy crowley obama romney pics

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  1. guitargod permalink

    hey Candy.. stick to Halloween & trick or treating!!

  2. ALL ABOARD the crazy train!

    • guitargod permalink

      “crazy… but thats Baracks M.O…… millions of people.. living as foes”…….. crank up that stack Purv!!! haha

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