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by on August 20, 2012

(music by Aerosmith)

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Pelooooooooooooooosi…..
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Pelooooooooooooooosi…..

You talk about things but nobody cares..
Eyes poppin’ out, deer in the headlights stare..
You callin’ us names with your leftwing smears..
I can’t say princess if obamacare will be around next year..

Ain’t no sweet hot mama with a plastic face that don’t dent..
She bullies and bribes until House members relent..
Well it ain’t frontpage news she’s a REAL GOOD LIAR..
Cause with her backdoor lobby she’s always open for hire..

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Pelooooooooooooooosi…..
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Pelooooooooooooooosi…..

She flies into town on a taxpayer funded private jet..
Back and forth to San Francisco just increasin’ our debt..
She tells Boehner things but her boyfriend Obama lies..
You can’t fool us cause your “civiliTy” done died! (yes it did)

Speakin’ at the press conference and soundin’ like an ass..
With an oversized gavel, a picture of no-class..
Ya talk about something you just don’t understand..
“we have to pass it to see what’s in it” wow! brilliant plan!

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Peloooooooooooooooosi….
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Peloooooooooooooooosi….

From → Guitargod, Humor

  1. Anonymous permalink

    ‘Nancy The Ripper’😳

  2. Anonymous permalink

    The human ‘paper shredder’
    She not so sweet😖

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