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by on February 9, 2017

(music by Canned Heat)

Intro FLUTE tweetin’…..

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I’m buildin’ up the country, baby why I got your vote….
Obama fucked up the country, baby why I got your vote….
We’re goin’ to that place, #1 where we’ve been before…. 🙂

Business comin’ here ’cause the regulations I’ll unwind…. 🙂
Business comin’ here ’cause new tax rates are sublime…. 🙂
We’ll have jobs flow like water, stay employed all the time….

I’m gonna drain this city, ‘special interests’ got to go away….

I’m gonna drain this city, ‘establishment’ got to go away….
All these protesters cussin’ and fightin’ man, you know police can now lock ’em away…. 🙂

Now, celebrities pack your leavin’ trunks,
You know, said you’d leave after election day,
Just exactly where you’re goin’ your Freedom & Liberties might get in the way, 😦
But, please please just, leave the U.S.A….
‘Cause it’s a brand new game, & now I get to play!….

No use in your runnin’… or screamin’ and cryin’ snowflakes….
‘Cause truth & justice has come home and, long we’re gonna shine 🙂 …..

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