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Media Silent As Gunman Opens Fire on Traditional Marriage Organization in DC; Romney Reacts

by on August 16, 2012

A gunman, posing as an intern, entered the The Family Research Council and shot a security guard. The FRC is a conservative pro-life and pro-traditional marriage organization which has been labelled as a hate group by leftists and gay rights organization in recent days. The gunman may have had more sinister motives toward FRC employees.


  1. It realoy is a perversion of journalism that this item is simply not reported. Let’s hear some more about Moochelle going on Leno or Barack Hussein playing another round of golf instead.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    The LSM really doesn’t want to report on this one, do they? Their lack of reporting here shows where their loyalties lie.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    LSM really doesn’t want to report this one do they? They’re lack of reporting tells it all.

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