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The Romney Appointments to SCOTUS

by on May 31, 2012

This is one of the most succinct descriptions I’ve heard to describe the audacity of liberals who view themselves as being the ones to decide how to change the U.S. Constitution and their arrogance as they refer to it as a progressive, living, breathing, document that should change with the times:

From April 18, 2012, Laura Ingraham radio interview with Mitt Romney –
When asked on how he would choose his Supreme Court Nominees (at 5:30), Romney responds:

“Will they follow the law, or do they believe instead it is their prerogative to depart from the law?  Will they follow the Constitution, or will they think that the Constitution allows them to step beyond its bounds?  And the one thing that the liberals who believe in this “progressive living, breathing document” approach to the Constitution are UNWILLING to EVER describe is WHO is it that decides which direction they take the Constitution?  They want to depart from it — well WHO gets to decide in what direction they go?  They think it’s THEMSELVES and that THEY are the cultural barometers of the nation, and simply that’s wrong.  If we need to change the Constitution in any way, that process is done through the Amendment process, done by the people and their representatives, not by the justices.”

Yes, indeed, THEY are WRONG.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Good point. Why do these liberal clowns think they get to change the rules? It’s not a living, breathing, “changing with the times, go with the flow” document. It’s a clear, steadfast, timeless document that speaks to truth and moral principles, which are two things that never change with the passage of time.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Because they’re liberal clowns that’s why.

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