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0bama Ducks Calls to Release Collegiate Transcripts

by on May 29, 2012
Most presidents’ academic records are made public by the time they reach the highest office in the land, either with their consent or by someone else digging them up.    “There’s no reason why people shouldn’t know,” said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who focuses on the presidency. “At this point, it’s pretty moot — perhaps amusing if it turned out that he didn’t do very well.”

… Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney also hasn’t released the transcripts of his college years at Brigham Young University, or his four years at Harvard University where he earned a combined law degree and an MBA.   But it is known that Mr. Romney graduated cum laude from the law school in 1975, and was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top 5 percent of his business school class.

Another stonewaller in recent presidential politics was Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic nominee in 2004, who refused to release his college transcripts during the campaign.  … The Democrat finally relented in 2005, six months after he lost the election, revealing that he had received four D’s in his freshman year, including a political science course.

The years-long secrecy about Mr. Obama’s college records has led to accusations that he is trying to hide something — for example, grades that might have justified neither his transfer to Columbia University in 1981 from Occidental College, a small school in Los Angeles where he was on a scholarship, nor his acceptance into Harvard Law School in 1988.

Donald Trump opined without proof four years ago that Mr. Obama benefited from affirmative action, prompting accusations of racism against Mr. Trump.  A story even circulated that Mr. Obama came to the U.S. from Indonesia to study on a Fulbright scholarship under the name “Barry Soetoro” — the last name of his stepfather — although Politifact and have both debunked that claim.  The same story falsely claimed that Occidental released Mr. Obama’s college transcripts as a result of litigation. There was litigation, but courts have never ordered the college to turn over Mr. Obama’s records.

A conservative Web site,, last week raised its “reward” to $20,000 for anyone who can provide Mr. Obama’s college transcripts.





  1. Anonymous permalink

    Who cares about his grades. I don’t know how you can be president of the “Harvard Law Review” and not have written anything. His writings do not seem to exist. I’m interested in what he was thinking and what was his opinion of the issues of the day. That’s what they don’t want you to know. I wonder why.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    My opinion: Romney is not going to make a big deal about obama not releasing his records but at some point Romney is going to release his academic records. And then it will be logical for many to want to compare obama’s records with Romney’s. At the very least, it will highlight the fact that obama is being secretive with his records with the clear implication he has something to hide.

  3. guitargod permalink

    he most likely never graduated from college LoL! he was a top of his class standout & scholar majoring in affirmative action, weed & a little blow..

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