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The W100 – Warrior 100k Ride

by on May 4, 2012

President George W. Bush Rides in the W100

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas – Three days, 100 kilometers, and 14 military service members wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Warrior 100 is a unique mountain bike event in west Texas made possible by the George W. Bush Presidential Center … and the President himself put on a helmet and placed his feet to the pedals.  The 14 wounded veterans and President Bush began the race Monday in the Big Bend National Park area with an almost 20km trek. The riders were scheduled to complete more than 48km Tuesday before ending with a 32.3km ride Wednesday.

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  1. 14allnall41 permalink

    Yes, I’d like to see him out there more talking about his policies. He pretty much covered everything in his book though. He rarely grants interviews – and even when promoting his book he made it clear he wouldn’t and won’t talk about the current prez or current policies. He rarely grants interviews – this one was done only in support of the wounded warriors.

  2. Agreed- needs to toe the line and at least defend the team if not himself. Clinton won’t shut up and heaven knows Obama will be on every tabloid show once he’s out of office…

  3. guitargod permalink

    wish W would get his ass out there and start defending his policies and our side during this campaign! our country is at stake – where the hell is he??? i saw him when he was seling his book.. lost a lot of respect & credibility 😦

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