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Obama Wins Close or Loses Big

by on April 25, 2012
Presidential election history gives us indications that Mr. Obama either squeaks back into the White House or gets an undignified boot in the back of his designer trousers.

  1. Hell yeah he loses big, and I’m hosting a party on election night! Pizza and beer at my place

    • guitargod permalink

      i’m there boss – bringin’ the band too! we play all TedNugent covers!

  2. guitargod permalink

    guitargod prediction: ObamaCon Loses BIG! (&i have it from verygood sources!)

  3. Anonymous permalink

    find it amazing that anyone could like Obama either for his performance as POTUS, personality, race or any other reason. I personally have disliked him from day one with his indignant treatment of not only President Bush but the values of America during his campaign and his attitude towards those who questioned or opposed his values.
    As the years have passed since he occupied the office of POTUS and his performance has exposed his values, moral and otherwise, my dislike has grown to absolute hatred for what he and his henchmen and fawning worshipers have done to America.
    I never thought in all my life as a Christian that I could Ever turn to hatred, even of my enemies, but this Beast has certainly changed my attitude.
    I truly fear for America and my family should he actually win and we endure four more years of what we have endured since he occupied the White House and his fawning henchmen took control.
    We’re in trouble and we need to be wary with the upcoming election.

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