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Marine Discharged for Post On Facebook About Obama

by on April 25, 2012
The Marine Corps said Wednesday it has decided to discharge a sergeant for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook.

The Corps said Sgt. Gary Stein will be given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members.

The San Diego-area Marine has served nearly 10 years in the Marine Corps. He has said he was exercising his free-speech rights.

The discharge will mean he loses all benefits.

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  1. Wonder if we should send him a package of snausages or dog flavored jerky to keep his appetite under control? Wouldn’t want him taking a bite out of Bo the First Dog in a moment of weakness!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Would this have happened if the Marine hero had criticized Bush? No.
    The country is controlled by a Marxist regime that will not tolerate dissension. If you don’t support the racist thugs you will not receive stimulus funds for your business, you will be set up for ridicule, they will boycott anyone who does business with you. Want to bet if Obamacare stands and you have posted something like this statement whether you will be worthy of treatment when injured or ill?
    God help us if ol’Dog eater gets a second term, we will lose all our rights.

    • guitargod permalink

      haha dogeater – it is a dog eat dog regime – time to kennel it this Nov!

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