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President Obama – Release Your Records!

by on April 15, 2012

Fox News host urges Obama to release transcript

Wants to see Harvard records ‘he spent $200,000 trying to keep away from us’

Unlike previous presidents, Barack Obama has refused to release to the public his school transcripts and other personal records, but a Fox News host thinks a new Harvard Law School course called “Understanding Obama” presents him with the perfect opportunity to begin making amends.



  1. Hopefully Joe Arpaio will blow the lid off this one. Would be hilarious if the Kenyan was ineligibke for an Arizona county ballot!

  2. 14allnall41 permalink

    Also, the presidential eligibility issue is still very much alive…Petition demands investigation into issue of presidential eligibility:

    • guitargod permalink

      he’s a FRAUD – he will NEVER release anything that damages him in any way – otherwise he would. anything positive would be not only held high but embellished upon – he will only demonize anyone criticizing any non-release – These refusals are THE SURE SIGN & PROOF POSITIVE that he is hiding very damaging documentation in these areas – he is an absolute fraud and history will show the ultimate CON-JOB pulled on our country – damn those pathetic & worthless ObamaZombies and the dangerous obama-mania-media!!!!

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