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The Prospect of Inheriting the Tax Burden

by on April 13, 2012
Joe Biden hears cries of baby; vows to save child from inheriting burden of tax cuts if Romney elected!

Safeguarding the next generation via trillions in new spending!!!


From → Debt, Taxes

  1. guitargod permalink

    4th graders weren’t fooled by your bullshit joe – 2nd graders didn’t appreciate your school visit either & taking time away from their recess you clown – and trust me this poor baby would love to crap all over your hand if he could get outta his diaper! hey blowjoe: leave our kids alone!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Quick! Get that baby away from that clown…that clown is scaring the poor little baby!

  3. What a clown! Obama/Biden ran up more debt than all previous Presidential Administrations combined, and he’s going to save the future generations from Republican tax cuts???

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