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“Born To Be Scum”

by on March 29, 2012

(music by Bruce Springsteen and inspired by the Poopiepiers)

In the day we sweat it out on Wall street
Naively trashin’ the American Dream,
At night we trespass in tents havin’ sex with strangers,
And burn through lots of weed.
Sprung from college campuses statewide,
Propaganda fueled, and injected into our child-like minds.
OOOhhh!.. baby this capitalist town rips the cash from your backpack
The stockmarkets a trap, more free market crap
We gotta get ours while we’re young…
Cause trash like us, baby we were Born To Be Scum!…

Obama let us in, we wanna be your friend,
We want to guard your marxist dreams and vision.
Just rap with praise about our protestin’
And tell your media to give us lots of attention!
Together we can break big business’s back
They’ll rot till they drop, and maybe they’ll never come back…
OOOhhh!… will you walk with us Princess Pelosi out on the wire?
Cause baby like us you’re just a pathetic spoiled child
So this is how community organizin’ feels?
We wanna know if socialism is in style,
Girl we wanna know if we can make communism real!…

Beyond the park encampment
News outlets drone, and stream live from derelict boulevard.
The girls comb their lice infested hair in broken mirrors,
And the boys just look stupid and bizarre.
In Zuccotti park trash piles moldy and dark
Poopiepiers are huddled on the street in a police mace sprayed mist,
We wanna dine with the hobos in the streets tonight
Live like we’re takin’ an everlasting piss!

The highways jammed with cops packin’ live ammo
On the mayors last chance power drive,
Everybody’s out on the run tonight
Cause they’ve left us no place to occupy!
Together zombies we’ll eat their unfairness
We’ll resent success with all the madness in our souls….
OOOhhh!… someday Takers I don’t know when
We’re gonna get to that place where we really want to go,
And we’ll never have to work again..
But till then, trash like us,
Baby we were Born To Be Scum!…
C’mon Losers, tramps like us,
Baby we were Born To Be Scum!…

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