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Private Money vs. Taxpayers’ Money

by on March 29, 2012

What some people can do with their OWN money
(That is the money they’ve EARNED):

Mitt Romney is looking to quadruple the size of his $12 million California home, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.  The GOP presidential candidate has filed an application with the San Diego government to bulldoze the 3,009-square-foot beachfront house in La Jolla and replace it with an 11,062-square-foot property.  According to a campaign official, “They want to enlarge their two bedroom home because with five married sons and 16 grandchildren it is inadequate for their needs.”

The renovation will keep the existing lap pool, which faces the ocean, but will add a “water feature” and an outdoor shower. Not only will Mitt Romney’s proposed new beach house have a 3,600-square-foot basement, it will have a split-level four-car garage with an elevator for the cars.

In addition to the California house and a townhouse outside of Boston, which is their official primary residence, the Romneys own a $10 million vacation home on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H.  In 2009, they sold the 6,400-square-foot colonial in Belmont, Mass. where they raised their five sons for $3.5 million and their 9,500-square-foot Deer Valley, Utah ski lodge for close to $5.25 million.

What “The Privileged Few” can do with OTHER peoples’ money
(That is the TAXPAYERS’ money):

Another Vacation!

First lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha are visiting Las Vegas after stopping in South Dakota on another spring break vacation.  White House officials say the Obamas are on a private family trip to the West.  The Obamas visited Mount Rushmore on Wednesday before heading to Las Vegas.

By the way, do you recall what President Obama said in 2009 about Las Vegas?  He said, “You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.”   

The Obama Vacation List:

–Spring Break March 2012,  13 year old First Daughter takes a Spring Break Vacation with 12 friends to historic Mexican city of Oaxaca.

— President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.

— Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation.

— Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.

— June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.

— President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.

— Christmas 2010, in Hawaii.

— August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.

— August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.

— August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.

— August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard.

— July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.

— May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.

— March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.

— Christmas 2009, Hawaii again for the annual break.

— August 2009, at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.

— August 2009, their first summer vacation as first family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

  1. guitargod permalink

    “there’s no bread – let em’ eat cake – there’s no end to what they’ll take!”

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Laura Bush’s vacations over EIGHT years…

    For 15 years, Laura Bush and four female friends have escaped together for a week every summer. They arrived at Mammoth Lakes on July 8, 2001 and a day later came to Tuolumne Meadows Lodge with an entourage of some 25 people, including Secret Service agents, a White House communications team, various aides and several park officials. The group took up about 15 of the 70 cabins at the site.

    July 27, 2003 Laura Bush and all her friends arrived at Lake Crescent Lodge in Washington State for a week long vacation in the Olympic National Forest. “I have a group of friends that I grew up with in Midland, Texas, and we hike every summer at a national park,” said Mrs. Bush. Yes, she and her friends arrived on Air Force II with lots of Secret Service Agents.

    July 23, 2006 Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska

    First Lady Laura Bush arrived in the park by train on July 23rd for a one-week vacation at a private inholder lodge in the Kantishna area. Members of the park staff assisted Secret Service and White House personnel with communications, security and logistics. A small number of rangers from other parks in the region were detailed to Denali to maintain normal operations so that a portion of the parks law enforcement staff could be assigned full-time to augment and assist the Secret Service details. During the week. Mrs. Bush and a small group of friends enjoyed daily hiking excursions throughout the park. On Friday, July 28th, she and her companions traveled to park headquarters to tour the Murie Science and Learning Center, a collaborative venture by Denali, seven other national parks, and several park partners. She later attended a luncheon hosted at the center and greeted park staff and the regional director. [Submitted by Richard Moore, North District Ranger]
    This is the second time in the last couple-three months that LaWa has taken advantage of a western national park for a little “getaway with close friends” whose number, names, relationships, and particularly gender is somehow never mentioned.

    In June 2008, First Lady Laura Bush visited Mount Desert Island, Maine with a small group of friends for a brief vacation. She did not plan any public appearances before she arrived, but she was out in the public eye during her visit and met with Acadia National Park superintendent Sheridan Steele.

    Laura Bush and her daughters, Barbara and Jenna, traveled to Africa in 2007, where they went on safari. Yet her trip was regarded as an “official” visit and included several public events.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Why do we not hear the cries “Imperial Presidency” from the Mainstream Media these days? Two reasons: Obama is not a republican – and — Obama is a socialist democrat — as is the bulk of the Mainstream Media.

    Do the Obamas not realize there is a recession on? They must be completely tone-deaf to the cries of the average American today. I mean, you would think our Presidental Family who is swears they are “fighting” for the middle class would be a tad more circumspect when it comes to so many vacations … but Noooooooooooooo … Not Them! You would also think that they would be moer circumspect about spending the taxpayer’s dollars when the country is broke, but again, not Them!

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