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Keystone Pipeline Fate In U.S. In Limbo But Construction Moves Forward In Canada | Fox News

by on February 16, 2012

America don’t need no stinking jobs!

“I think it is a terrible mistake for our country,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., recently told Fox News. “So you have the prime minister of Canada in China saying America doesn’t seem to want our oil, we will sell it to China. Those are good jobs here on the ground, almost 20,000 jobs here at home, direct jobs in constructing the pipeline, and it is energy security for our nation.”

For all of the talk about blocking Middle Eastern oil, Canada has been the leading exporter of oil into the United States for many years. The proposed pipeline would bring in an additional 700,000 barrels perday from the Hardisty terminal and also allow for at least another 100,000 barrels from oil fields in Montana and western North Dakota.

TransCanada’s most recent financial statement said the haggling in Washington has pushed back their target operational date to early 2015. Meanwhile, regulators in Canada are reviewing another pipeline starting in Alberta that will move west to deliver oil to Asia. Additional western pipelines are likely and could even possibly include the one now under construction in Hardisty.

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