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I’m a Con-Man- written by A Great American

by on February 8, 2012

“I’M A CON-MAN”(music by Bon Jovi – “Wanted Dead or Alive”)

intro acoustic guitar riff…

It’s all so lame
Screw the “hope & change,”
I keep on pushin’ the blame.
Another place
Where there’s too many millionaires,
We’ll occupy all night
Until you pay your fair-share.

I’m a Con-Man
In an electric car I ride,
I’m Lyin (lyin…)
And I community organize!

Sometimes I smoke
Sometimes I can hide it for days,
And the unions I meet
Always get the final say.
Sometimes I tell my cronies
Keep it under the radar,
CNN won’t report it
And I’ll spread the billions far…

repeat Chorus…

Well I walk these greens
A loaded golfbag on my back,
I play for keeps
Cause after November I won’t be back.
I’ve apologized everywhere
And Moochelle’s still standin’ tall,
I’ve screwed a million kids futures
And the Republicans will take the fall.

repeat Chorus…

And I ride…
Redistribute and propagandize!

Yes I lie…
Agitate and demonize!

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