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Romney: Trump Shares My Vision on Stopping China

by on February 3, 2012

“On my first day in office. I will label China a currency manipulator — and under U.S. law, once that label has been affixed, the president is able to apply tariffs to any of their goods where the president believes that their unfair trade practices have cost American jobs or killed American industries,” the former Massachusetts governor said. “I’m making it very clear to the Chinese: That’s where we will go if they continue the practices they are pursuing right now.”

Hannity wondered what the consequences would be if the Chinese viewed any Romney action as starting a trade war or moving toward protectionism.

“Well, you have to open up new markets — a highly productive nation like ours has to have new markets to sell goods too in order to continue to grow,” Romney said. “But if one of those markets — one of those countries begins to cheat on the agreement and to unfairly attack our markets and kill jobs here — you have to say whoa, whoa, whoa, you got to live by the rules of fair trade.

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