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Gingrich Makes Play for Evangelicals, Tea Partyers

by on January 30, 2012

How exactly does one define and categorize an ‘Evangelical?’ I attend a church in the Southern Baptist organization but don’t consider myself evangelical. I drive a car but I don’t consider myself part of the ‘motorist’ voting bloc. Another attempt by outside-the-box media types to create a label for catchy headlines? Many of the most admirable and honorable people I know are Catholics. Why does there have to be these Evangelical and Catholic labels? Why can’t we just be Christians?

Standing outside the First Jacksonville Baptist church as dusk fell, Kurt Kelly, chairman of Florida Faith Leaders for Newt Gingrich, said the candidate held a midweek conference call with an estimated 1,000 evangelical pastors around the state.
He said the goal of the call was to solidify support as much as possible behind Gingrich, at the expense of rival contender Rick Santorum, who is running a poor third in the pre-primary polls in the state.
In the course of the conversation, Kelly said, Gingrich “shared his faith, shared his vision and shared his past.”
Kelly did not expand on his reference to Gingrich’s past, although the former speaker has been married three times.

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