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“LUNATIC FRINGE” #ChickensComin’HomeToRoost!

by on May 30, 2019

“LUNATIC FRINGE” #InmatesRunningAsylum
(music by Red Rider)
DEDICATION & THANKS: to all those “moderate” blue district dumbasses who put Dems back in House majority *L-) loser

Intro ‘Impeachment Drumbeat’ / GUITAR….

Image result for pelosi wide eyed cartoon


Lunatic fringe…

I know impeachment’s out there…

Wish I could go into hiding…

& if no, I’ll take a beating *:-S worried

Trump can hear you comin’…

& he wants us to go after…

We’d be wise to not step in it this time… (wise up this one time)

I won’t let you kill my Speakership chances… (& re-elect Trump!)

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

Image result for maxine waters cartoon impeach 45

ROCK ON RATS!… *=)) rolling on the floor

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