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by on April 4, 2019

(music by Jimi Hendrix)


Image result for cool trump in white house

There’s a White House, over yonder…
That’s where a real leader stay…
Lord, there’s a White House over yonder… nation..
That’s where our leader stay…
He’s real at home workin’ for our country…
24/7 and a, two terms worth of days…. (MAGA!)

In a minute (first 2 yrs), nothin’s wrong…
His (America 1st) key went and unlocked our door… (unleashed free-market)
In a minute, nothin’s wrong now…
His (policy) key unlocked our door (growth & opportunity)…

We got a good, good feelin’…
Obama don’t live here no more….

(& I still got my MAGA hat on.. watch out now!)

Image result for jimi hendrix live with american flag

Well, he’ll sure as hell go back over yonder…
Right back up on Capitol Hill…
Lord, he’ll sure as hell go back over yonder…
Right back yonder to Capitol Hill…
‘Cause if those swamp creatures won’t govern no more..
We know our, Leader will!

Image result for trump white house american flag

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