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“ICE, ICE CRAZIES” #AbolishICECrazies

by on September 19, 2018

“ICE ICE CRAZIES” #AbolishICECrazies
(music by Vanilla Ice)


Yo, A-GEN-CY… Let’s kick ‘em! (out)👍

“ICE, ICE Crazies”…. 🤪

“ICE, ICE Crazies” 🤪


All ICE stop!
Eliminate, imprison!..
ICE is bad, with their brand of detention..
Agents, grab a hold of kids tightly..
Cut off flow of ‘illegals’, daily & nightly..
This we better stop!
Yo – get out vote!
Throw out The Right, & ICE goes 🙂
To the extreme, we block and fight like ms13 vandals..
Light up with rage, and whack these chumps, they can’t handle!

Just crush these racist pig goons..
They killin’ our ‘chain’ (migration),
Led by poisonous Trump buffoon..
Deadly, on display, promote steadily..
Anything less than full access is a felony 😦
Love it! won’t leave it,
Our sanctuary vaca 🙂
You better not deny..
Our kids (& relatives) all stay!
“The WALL” is a problem..
Yo – Dems’ll solve it..
Throw out the crook (IMPEACH 45!) *:(( crying
While Kamala-Fauxcahontas-Spartacus dissolves it!*L-) loser

Image result for abolish ICE protests

“ICE, ICE CrAziEs”… 😫

“Abolish ICE, ICE CRaZieS”… 🤤

“Abolish ICE, ICE cRaZIes”… 🤪

“Abolish ICE, ICE CrAZieS”… 😫




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