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“THE WRECK OF THE RUSSIAN FIASCO” #&TurnsOutTrump’sFavoriteSaladDressingIsn’tEvenRussian

by on January 8, 2018

“THE WRECK OF THE RUSSIAN FIASCO” #&TurnsOutTrump’sFavoriteSaladDressingIsn’tEvenRussian

(music by Gordon Lightfoot)


Image result for Mueller captain of sinking ship cartoonAHPRA: RATS ABANDON SINKING SHIP AFTER FETTKE BAN? - FOODMED.NET

The witch hunt lived on, from Fauxcahontas on down,

Of the big fake, installed by ‘Leaker Comey’… (memo to his NYT buddy)

The fake it was said, was why Crooked Hillary went dead, (Russia collusion)

When her slide (& lost shoe), in November turned gloomy… 😦

With a load of Clinton (& DNC) gold, 12 million & probably more,

Fund the Russian dossier, that was empty…

That bad chick & crew, Wiki shown what they do, 😦
Then the polls, in November sank surely! 🙂 ….

This chick was the pride, of Un-American side,
Comin’ back (recount), from some shill/Jill (Stein) in Wisconsin…
As the Big Whoppers go, this was bigger than most, (collusion delusion)
Said they knew, no good happened – yelled treason!… (“Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”)
Concluding ‘sanction’ terms, with a couple of Vlad worms,
When Trump met (w/ Russian diplomats), fully loaded ($$$$) in Cleveland (RNC)…
& later election night, when bad chick’s bell got rang,
“Cannot be! my turn to win! (election) they’ve been stealin’!”….

The ‘tap in his wires’, made a (James) Clapper clap sound, (“tapped my wires!”)
& a law broke, over unmaskin”… (by Rice & Powers)
& ev’ry rat knew, as Obama did too (FISA warrant),
Save the witch in November, or (Legacy) reelin’!… 😦
The (Comey) letter came late, and the coronation had to wait,
With bad gal (Hillary backstage election night victory party) in November, a thrashin’!… (drunk & violent trashed the place)
Then excuses came, it was all Weiner blame,
In the face of a hurricane MAGA wind!….

When investigation came, the old crook (Captain Mueller) stacked the deck,
Sayin’ fellas, ‘Fusion stuff’ will lead ya…
At fake CNN, main headlines retractin’,
Wolf said fellas (Strzok, Ohr), your texts will expose ya!(“insurance policy”)…
The Captain now mired in, he has Congress investigatin’ him,
& the bad chick & crew, is in peril… 😱
& later that fight, when oversight shined a bright light,

Does anyone know, where the love for Dems go,
As their ways, return (Republican) majorities to power…
The voters they say, Socialism no freakin’ way!
& they put Hopey-Change vile behind ’em!..
‘I’m With Her’ split up, and Crime Family Foundation capsized,
The laws they broke deep, carried (Soros) water…
& all that remained, was disgrace but no shame,
None survived, they are done, no Clinton daughter! 👎

MAGA we roll economy rings,
Tweets still boom, from a strong White House mansion 👍
New Michigan gleams, big manufacturing steams,
The days of malaise are behind ’em!..
And 2nd term goes, as USA grows 😉
Takes what Lady Liberty has in her…
And our cargo boats go, as our trade partners now know,
With the dude of November, still our defender! 👍👍


2024 & BEYOND:
In a dirty campaign hall, Demorats they prayed,
For a socialist savior upheaval (Feel The Bern redux)😡
The CNN (Cartoon News Network) shell chimed, still with fake news headlines,
Still don’t understand, WRECK Of The RUSSIAN FIASCO! 😫
The witch hunt long gone, & Fauxcahontas never crowned,
& the big fake recalled, inmate Comey…
Superior, Trump says, ‘American Exceptionalism’ never dead,
As results in November, we win surely!

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