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“EVERYBODY WANTS YOU” #WhatMattLauerToldhimselfInTheMirrorFor20YearsAt’TodayShow’

by on December 4, 2017

“EVERYBODY WANTS YOU” #WhatMattLauerToldHimselfInTheMirrorFor20YearsAt’TodayShow’

(music by Billy Squier)

INTRO GUITAR RIFF 🎸 (Matty revinin’ up in pre-show wardrobe) 🙂

Image result for matt lauer

You keep on grabbin’ on ’em every night..(before/during/after Today Show)

Strong on attention, they all for you, no oversight 😘 …

You big in news business, you treat ’em like whores..

They make you breathless, Katie’s ass you pinched it a lot before 😛 …

Reach around & down, all the time call ’em “hon”,

You dropped your pants down, say – “now do me, it’s fun” 😜

Never miss ‘a play’, yeah you made quite a few..

You horny all ‘Today’!…

Everybody wants you! 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👄

Image result for matt lauer hugging katie couric

You craved attention, (during commercial breaks) “what da ya say Ho?”

Show your affections, “any way Savannah blows??”

You always faked it, you’re a perv behind the scene..

You sent Ann Curry sex toys, rubbers, and Hustler magazines 😛


Oogle with your eyes 👀 on the set & ev’rywhere else…
They never realized, you were touching yourself 🙂

The things so obscene, makin’ headline news…

You never let ’em be!…

Everybody knows you!…

(“I’m sooo popular”)

Everybody owes you!….

(“sexual favors”)

Everybody tease you!..
Dirty deed you!..
Please you! 🙂 …..


Image result for matt lauer hugging al roker

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