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TOM PETTY #RocksTheDeplorable

by on October 2, 2017

Image result for hillary reads a kids bookImage result for hillary reads a kids book

A Crooked Hillary “What-The-F-Happened” Tale:

As the DNC rolled out (& colluded w/) their convention red carpet for Hillary, to the tuneage – “Here Comes My Girl”… Poor Bernie & all his socialist bernouts cried, “Don’t Do Us Like That!”…..
Hillary (& SlickWillie) had been impatiently in “The Waiting” for 8 long years to return to the WH….
But The Donald “Wouldn’t Back Down”, and soon Crooked Hillary’s poll #’s were “FreeFallin'”….. 🙂
Trump let loose with a barrage of tweets in “Runnin’ Down A Snowflake Dream” of Queen Hillary becoming the 1st female Prez… poor Hillary soon had a “Break Down” and lost a shoe on a NYC sidewalk….
Yes, this was truly “Crooked Hillary’s Last Dance”… as “Even This Loser – Didn’t Get Lucky the second Time” 😦
She then became very bitter and lived as a “Refugee” in the woods (until even BigFoot eventually told her, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”), and then went on a lame-ass book-tour whining/screeching, “You Don’t Know How It Feels!” (to be me) 😦

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