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“GOT ‘EM UNDER PRESSURE” #WretchedRINOExtinction

by on August 29, 2017

“GOT ‘EM UNDER PRESSURE” #WretchedRINOExtinction
(music by ZZ Top)

PREZ TRUMP: “I have a message for Congress tonight.. your job is to represent The People.. Tax Reform, Border Security, Heaaaalthcaaaare.. one vote! DO YOUR FREAKIN’ JOB!!!”


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He likes smearin’ dipshits..
He likes stench wiped clean (DRAIN DC SEWER)..
& T won’t let’ em diffuse our passion..
Merciless on his twitter feed!

He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE!…
He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE! 🙂

He likes to rally, go see him..
He don’t like Establishment dogs 😦
He makes fun of these mod, wuss bein’s..
He likes to clear their DC fog..
He don’t like politico conmen..
He’ll strike with (Executive) whips & chains 🙂
He likes winnin’ game..
Not cavin’ in like McCain 😦
He’s about all Mitch can handle..
He’s too much for ‘frosted Jeff’ Flake’s brain…

He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE!…
He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE! 🙂


He’s gonna give ’em a mandate..
Here’s what T’s gonna say:
They might get out an impeachment trick..
& try ‘n hurt him real, real bad…

But America’s on his side, 🙂
Not that Crooked Bitch! (creepin’ on another book tour)

He’s got’em UNDER PRESSURE!…
He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE!
He’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE!…
T’s got ’em UNDER PRESSURE! 🙂

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