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“THE DEMORATS WENT DOWN IN GEORGIA” #AnotherBigLeagueTrumpReferendum

by on June 21, 2017

“THE DEMORATS WENT DOWN IN GEORGIA” #AnotherBigLeagueTrump Referendum
(music by Charlie Daniels Band)



The Demorats went down to Georgia..
They were lookin’ for a seat to steal..
They were in a bind, ’cause Trump had kicked Hillary’s behind,
& they were obstructin’ and tryin’ to heal…

They put it upon this pajama boy,
Speakin’ in PC riddles (bullshit), & layin’ in it a lot..
So The Donald jumped upon his twitter stump,
& said, “PJ boy, Karen’s gonna kick your wussie butt”…

I guess you didn’t know it,
That Crooked Hillary was a riddle sayer (PC bullshitter) too..
But you don’t care, you’ll take Hollywood’s dare,
& make the bet their money’ll pull ya through…

Now you say pretty good riddles, PJ boy (can read a prompter like Obama)
But give the district voters their due..

I’ll bet my endorsement of gold,

Against your carpet-bag soul,
‘Cause I think my base’ll flush you 🙂

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