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“WITCH HUNT” #NowWhoAreTheFascists?

by on May 16, 2017

“WITCH HUNT” #NowWhoAreTheFascists?

(music by Rush)

INTRO: Snowflake-Anarchist-Mob being incited by MediaMites & DemoRats…
various cursing/threatening/screaming/meltdowns…


Image result for media witch hunt on trump pics

Each night they’re back,

All of these loons…

Their hypocrisy rich and shrill…

The propagandists chatter on…

‘Bout Comey & Russia still……

(News) features distorted, and their reporting (of evidence) light,
Faces are twisted & grotesque… (Trump-Derangement- Syndrome) 😦
To silence & spurn in their unrelenting fight,
This mob fuels the snowflakes obsessed… (Russia!! Impeach!!)
Corrupt, no conscience, bias their right,
Arrogant, their ways are best…..

Ooooooh!… Oooooooooohhhhhh!…………..

Image result for maddowupset pics

Self-righteous lies…
Fake-news guise!
Trump hatred & ill-will…
Madmen led on by years of Obama lies…
That beat (Romney) and burn (Benghazi embassy) and killed! (Navy SEALS & countless ‘red-erasable-line’ victims) 😦

Image result for media trump derangement syndrome

They say he’s a danger, who threatens us…
Hates immigrants, is an infidel…
They say his “America 1st” strangeness, is too dangerous… (to Globalism)
He is a cheater, who enriches himself…
‘Cause they know, what’s best for us… (arrogant liberal elitists)
Must, resist & save us from our (ignorant racist xenophobic) selves…..

(PC’s) quick to judge..
(Libs) quick to anger..
(Regressives) slow to understand…
(Dems) Ignorance and prejudice..
With fearful Snowflakes walk hand in hand!…..

Image result for anti trump washington compost pics

P.S. ‘CUPCAKE CLOWNS’: The real Witch got beat in November – Remember?? LOL 🙂

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