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by on April 11, 2017

(music by Twisted Sister)


Hey! ‘Leaking’ in/to public is against the law!…..

“Hey, were they really spying on him?.. (uh huh)
There she is, let’s ask her.. (under oath)
Hey Suzy, is that Barry’s water you’re carryin’?.. (Duh huh)
Man, isn’t it illegal spyin’ on him?.. (mm mmm)
Is your biased media coverin’ up for you today?.. (uh huh)
By the way, what’s with all the unmaskin’?!!

They bugged him at the Trump Tower!…
The Donald turned things around and tweeted, country: “You get the picture?” (yeah, we see)
That’s when Evelyn Farkas exposed – the Leaker & His Pack!…. (Rice, Rhodes, Brennan, Jarrett etc)

His folks were always putting Trump down… (down down w/ Russia)
They said he didn’t belong in this town… (we’ll run this outsider outta our town)
They told us he was bad…
& he colludes with Vlad…
That’s why they surveilled more – the Leaker & His Pack!….

One day Nunes said, of unmasking he knew… (knew, nothing new)
We all could tell it’s what Barry would do… (he did it with IRS, Benghazi, Fast&Furious etc)
Suzy stood there and bold faced lied…
“I know nothing!” is what she cried…
Not sorry Mike Flynn we hurt you – said the Leaker & His Pack!….

“Their crimes not small, not gonna go bye-bye..
The leaks were beginning to grow..
& as he flew away (on another vaca) on Inaugural night..
He directed 16 agencies intel to show..
They all heard, now all know..
Leaks flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow…


Hillary was so hopeless, BO knew what to do…
Remembering all the scandals she’d put him through 😦 …
In election they pulled out all stops & snares..
They just spied all year, illegal but they don’t care..
Investigate and get him! – the Leaker and his hacks…

Oo… oooo…. ooo…..
the Leaker still attacks, he’s not gone (two miles from WH in his WALLED mansion)…
The Leaker and media hacks, they still fawn (still thrills up their legs)…
The Leaker & His Pack, they’re not gone… (OFA ‘Organizing For Assholes’)

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