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by on October 28, 2016

(music by Jimmy Durante)

WikiLeaks on John Podesta & Robby Mook (The QUID PRO HOE’s douche bag advisors):
“She has to fundraise.. she has to push his agenda.. she has to MAKE SOROS HAPPY!” 🙂


It’s so important to,
Make Soros Happy 🙂 …

Make just, this someone happy… (puppet-master)
Make just one Globalist, the Globalist we cling to….
One.. phony smile, he’ll steer her…
One wrinkled face that lies, keep it near you…
Our girl, he’ll give everything to!… 🙂

Fame (Power/Presidency), he’ll make sure she wins it..
America came and will go in a minute..
Socialism’s the real stuff in life, ‘deplorables’ will cling to….

Gov.. is the answer…
Soros just love, is the answer…
Once he’s crowned her..
Build our One-World-Gov around her…

Make Soros Happy! 🙂

Make just, this one Elite Statist happy…

And Dems will be happy 🙂 too!……


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