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Quebec is using theatre to stop its teens from joining the Islamic State

by on June 28, 2016

What a bunch of ******* (fill in the blank with your word of choice)

The Quebec government is turning to theatre in a bid to combat the radicalization of young people.
Among five newly government-funded projects will be the production of a play by high schoolers with the help of psychologists and social workers, in “which they can express their words, their aspirations, their worries, and the way to deal with them.”

Led by theatre company Théâtre Parminou, the play seeks to develop young people’s critical thinking abilities, by teaching them “how to decode what is hidden behind propaganda and manipulation to advocate actions that restore dialogue and trust,” according to a government press release issued on Monday.

This all part of an action plan to fight radicalization announced by the Quebec government last June, shortly after ten youths were arrested while trying to leave Montreal to join extremist groups in the Middle East. In January of last year, eight youths actually left the city — two eventually returned, while six remain in Syria.

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