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“2 OUT OF 3 IS BAD” #KeepYourMouthShutLikeYouDidIn2012!

by on March 4, 2016

“2 OUT OF 3 IS BAD” #KeepYourMouthShutLikeYouDidIn2012!
(music by Meat Loaf)

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Romney you sure balked alright… 😦
Two runs didn’t get us nowhere… 😦
You choked at everything, one possibly can… 😦
Trump is just what your Establishment fears…. 🙂
& Romney you can whine all night…
But that’ll never change the way voters feel…
Delegates are really piling up on Trump’s side… 🙂
He’s gonna make you wish you didn’t come back ’round here….. 😦

Obama poured it on,
& you cowered out… 😦
You cried and showed us just how RINO’s always fare… 😦
We’re tired of empty words, & got a new horse to ride with clout 🙂
‘Cause you went cold, in 2012, so wrong,
You were riding a tricycle, instead of goin’ on a tear..

& all we will do, is keep on yelling at you –

DON’T WANT YOU!… you just lose 😦
DON’T NEED YOU!… you all through 🙂
& there ain’t no way, we’re ever gonna forgive you…
Now yeah WE’RE MAD!… (you’re a sad sack)
‘Cause 2 out of 3, was Bad…
Yeah you… were… bad 😦 ..
‘Cause 2 out of 3, Is Bad…..

Image result for romney 2 time loser pics


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