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“GET OVER IT” #IGotNoTimeForPCCryBabiesWeHaveToMakeOurCountryGreatAgain!

by on September 21, 2015

“GET OVER IT” #IGotNoTimeForPCCryBabiesWeHaveToMakeOurCountryGreatAgain!
(music by The Eagles)


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I turn on the tube, and what do I see..
A whole lotta ‘Illegal Mexicans’ tryin’ to blame me..

Jorge points his crooked little finger, “don’t build a wall or else!”..
Spend all their time not assimilatin’ themselves..
Sanctuary this, sanctuary that..
Your ‘anchor baby’s’ in, I’ll deport it so fast!

Get Over It!….
Get Over It!….
Image result for anderson cooper pics
CNN, whinin’, & cryin’, Anderson pitchin’ a fit 😦
Get over it..
Get over it! 🙂

Jeb says he hasn’t been the same, since he had his little ‘poll crash’..
Donors don’t feel better since they gave him all their cash 😦

Image result for jeb bush sleeping pics

The more I think about it, Megyn Kelly had her panties uptight 🙂
Let’s mock all the moderators, Rock ’em debate night!..

Image result for megyn kelly mad pics

McCain don’t wanna work, he’s livin’ that ‘RINO’ thing..
But elections him & Mitt didn’t fight for a damn thing! 😦

Get Over It!….
Get Over It!….
If ‘Hill’ don’t want to debate, then she might as well quit..
Image result for hillary debbie wasserman pics
Get on with debates ‘Debbie BlabberMouth’..
Get on with ’em!


It’s like Obama’s makin’ a confession, every time he hears Christians speak….

B. Hussein’s makin’ the most of Catholics losin’ streak…

Some call him slick, but I say his birth-certificate looks weak!…..

Image result for obama muslim picsImage result for obama muslim pics

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Jeb drags lobbyists around like a ball & chain..
Christie wallows in ‘BridgeGate’ guilt, swallowin’s his middle name..
Angry Perry had to bag, how is Jindal still around?!..
Grahamnesty’s phone’s in the gutter, Walker’s bringin’ Wisconsin down..
Complain about Carly’s face, & Hewlett-Packard in her past..
I’d like to take Ron Paul’s whiney child & kick his little ass! 🙂

Image result for republican debate pics

Get Over It!….
Get Over It!….
Chris Matthews bitchin’, & moanin’, & pitchin’ a fit..
Get over it.. get over it!

Get Over It!….
Get Over It!….
I’m not stoppin’ anytime, ‘Establishment’ throwin’ fits 🙂
Get over it!
Get over it!



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