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by on May 4, 2015

(music from SchoolHouse Rock)


Whew!.. I sure gotta hide a lot of missteps to get to the WhiteHouse here in Washington!

Hey, I wonder who that sad little bottom scraper is?…

You really wanna know?


I’m Just Not Bill.. 😦
Yes, I’m only ‘OLD Hill’.. 😦
And I’m Lying here on Capitol Hill…
Well, it’s been a,
Long, long journey, ’til I control this city…
It’s been a long, long wait,
While I’m bullshitting the ‘Benghazi committee’.. 🙂
But they’ll never know, I broke the law that day..
At least I hope & pray that they won’t..
But campaigning today, I am still just not Bill 😦

Gee, Bill certainly has taken a lot of Caribbean ‘island flights’ 🙂

Well, I got this far…
But when I started, I didn’t even get a second look from Bill.. 😦
But I had an idea.. 🙂
Most folks back in his home state, decided they wanted a ‘local’ passed..
So they voted him their ‘governor-man’..
& he said, “well alright! I oughta be a Gov!” 🙂
Then we sat down and planned out a ’20 yr pact’ to success,
& that’s what became of Bill…
But I’ll remain just ‘OLD Hill’,
Unless I can lie ’bout me breakin’ the law….

I’m Just Not Bill..
Yes, I’m only ‘OLD Hill’..
& I got as far as a NY Rep on Capitol Hill…
Well, now I’m stuck ’cause I didn’t accomplish didley..
& threw my server away..
While now partisan congressmen discuss & investigate.. 😦
Whether my Foundation broke the law..
How I hope & pray they blame Bill..
But today I am still just ‘OLD Hill’ 😦 ….

Listen to these Republican’s arguing!
Is all that investigation and disgrace about her?….

Yeah, we know it is..
I’ve always been the lucky one 🙂
‘OLD Hill’ will never ever get this far…
She will never poll as favorable as me..
But she’s gonna try!



Yeah, she’ll lie to committee’s..
Yeah, looks like I’m gonna have to step in..
I’m gonna go be Hillary’s representative,
& you’re gonna wish you could vote for me! 🙂

If we vote yes.. what happens?..

Well, then I get to be the “1st-Dude”, & the whole thing starts all over again! 🙂

Oh yes!…

Oooh yeeeah!…. 🙂


She’s just not ‘Bill’..
Yes, I’m the only Bill 🙂 ..
But if they vote for me it’s a vote for ‘OLD Hill’..
Well, then I’m back to the WhiteHouse,
Where I’ll get ‘outta line’..
With intern thrills 🙂
Like a President re-assigned..
& if they ‘re-assign’ me, then Foundation ‘donations’ won’t be breakin’ the law..
How I hope & pray voters will..
But today she is still, Just Not Bill 😦 …

You mean, even if the whole ‘Low-Info Class’ says I should be President, the American voters can still say no??…

Hell Yes!
That’s called INTELLIGENCE…
If the informed voter, vetoes your sorry ass, you have to go back to Chappaqua, never to run again 🙂
Should’ve happened long before this time!
No ‘next time’..
It’s very unlikely that you become President,
‘Cause it’s not easy for you to obey the law…is it?

But how I hope & pray that I will,
But today I am still just not Bill 😦


“It Makes A Hell Of A Difference” Hill!..

Oh No! 😦

Photo: Bill and Hillary Clinton in a briefing

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