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Fairfax schools considering transgender policy, parents can not opt children out

by on April 24, 2015

So now, the kids are being used as lab rats for this sick expirement. I hope the school board meeting is mobbed by parents against this-

The Fairfax County School Board will decide at meetings on April 23 and May 7 whether it should experiment with mixed gender bathrooms in order to accommodate “transgender” teachers and students.

The decision will impact all grades — Preschool-12th grade. Additionally, parents will be unable to move children from the class of a transgendered teacher.

Traditional Values Coalition President Andrea Lafferty encourages Fairfax parents and taxpayers to contact school board members and voice their objections.

“We are very concerned that Fairfax County has selected children — the most vulnerable, least powerful people in our county — as lab animals for this experiment,” Mrs. Lafferty said today.

There is a natural concern for those psychologically unhealthy individuals who are confused and don’t identify with the body parts they were assigned at birth. These people deserve understanding and require counseling and other help.

But the overriding concern must be with the vast majority of students who harbor no confusion about their sexual identity. Parents who object to exposing children to this confused behavior should not be forced to subordinate their sincerely held beliefs in order to accommodate the condition of a very small group of individuals.

The time for the public schools to accommodate, within reason, the direction of parents who object to this behavior is long overdue.

We strongly encourage parents, pastors and anyone else who objects to this confused behavior to speak up at the School Board meeting and anywhere else the opportunity is available.

The tyranny of a very small minority must not be allowed to dictate a practice which is contrary to the more common sense beliefs of the majority.

American Family Association and Traditional Values Coalition urge parents and students to sign up and speak against this experiment at the 7 p.m. meetings of the school board on Thursday, April 23 and May 7 at the Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.

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