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by on April 22, 2015

(music by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

nation desperately needs Hillary. The world desperately needs Hillary ...


She messed up, tryin’ to bring Nixon down..
Not a good lookin’ mama, committee didn’t keep around..
But she wouldn’t stay small, so she latched onto Bill tight..
With that Arkansas boy, took on the ‘vast-wing-Right’…..


Now, she’s still comin’ ’round here, at the age of 118..
She blew the media off, ‘Scooby-van was the only thing they seen.. 😦
Hacks were introduced, and over coffee started groovin’..

She said, “I dig these bitter-clingers’ but I got to be movin’….. on” 🙂
(& don’t let them talk to me!)

Last chance for Hillary….
‘War on women’ artillery….
She’s fears sexism, creepin’ in..
but she’s,
Mired in ‘woman’s-rights-abuser donations’ again….. 😦

Well, we all know, what we’ve been told..
The lies never slow down, Benghazi Video 😦
‘Secretary Of Screwin’ Up’, embassy burnt down..
Takes care of herself, ‘server’ never to be found..
Went bye bye, oh hell yes..
Honey will lie, before Congress..
Money with a wink, IOU list long..
Take her if you’re dumb, ’cause a Barry 3rd term all wrong! 😦

Last chance for Hillary….
‘War on women’ artillery….
She hears sexism, creepin’ in..
but she’s not,
Tired of ‘woman’s-rights-abuser donations’ again…… 🙂


There’s ‘damage control’ goin’ down, in Chappaqua Square..
Bill’s plannin’ in his underwear..
Hunkered down in the ‘den war room’..
Poll fall will be comin’ soon… 😦
Oh my my, Oh hell yes..
She’s got to learn how, questions to address..
She’s just to cold to fake cry, or answer a ‘3AM phone’..
GOP’s got her number, no more Chipotle stops on the road! 😦

Last chance for Hillary….
‘War on women’ artillery….
She sees sexists gettin’ in..
& she’ll,
Try to label Republicans!……

hillary clinton boobs bill cleavage jpg description filesize 67 64 kb ...

“aaaaawwww c’mon’ Hill… forget the election.. let’s go up to the war room and… ‘strategize’… 🙂

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