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“PARANOID” #AnalControllingCynicalUntrustworthyDishonestPhonyArrogantDespicable

by on April 20, 2015

“PARANOID” #AnalControllingCynicalUntrustworthyDishonestPhonyArrogantDespicable
(music by Black Sabbath)


Finished with real ‘meet-n-greets’ they cannot help me claim what’s mine!..
People must be arranged so that they’ll be fawning all the time 🙂 …

All day long I delete things in case I have to testify.. 😦
They will never find that I don’t mind the things that terrorize… 🙂

You can trust me!…

I’m a household name!…

Ooh yeah!

... Hillary. Like Obama, she’s a control freak. But she takes paranoia

I needed Bill to get me the things in life that I can’t find…
I put up with things, embrace true emptiness, I’m ‘power blind’!…


‘Reset’ joke, ‘Video’ lie, terrorists laugh 🙂 patriots die 😦
Emotionless, she cannot feel and ‘van-tour’ tea is so unreal…

And now we will hear her words telling us now what’s at stake…
She’ll tell you to embrace life, I wish Chris Stevens could, but it’s too late! 😦

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