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Super Bowl, World Series champs back homosexual marriage

by on March 13, 2015

What in the world is going on. Does a sports team really have to go out of its way to endorse sinful behavior?

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  1. Agreed on a few

  2. Walkie Wawtmire aka Ronald L. Hoopa-doooz-its permalink

    Lots of sins to go around are found:

    1. Rap Music
    2. Black Supremacy
    3. 130,000,000 Spanish now living in the U.S.,
    most collecting free, full, lifetime benefits.

    4. Interracial marriage–major races in the U.S.
    are White, Black, Spanish, Mid-Asian, Far-Asian,

    5. Vivisection
    6. Trapping
    7. Poaching
    8. Pet Dealing
    9. Puppy Mills
    10. Fur industry
    11. Factory Farming
    12. War on Trees
    13. 100+ others

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