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My unlikely journey from freshman U.S. senator to ardent pro-life advocate

by on February 24, 2015

Rick Santorum:
“Let’s set aside the fact for now that, according to doctors who performed this procedure, 99 percent of these abortions were performed on healthy babies; let’s wrap our minds around the idea that dozens of US senators, including, later on, Hillary Clinton, opposed the partial-birth abortion bill because it protected disabled children from death.”

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  1. Walkie Wawtmire aka Ronald L. Hoopa-doooz-its permalink

    Typical conversation:

    Animal-Rights Atheist: “So you are an Anti-Abort?

    Anti-Abort: “I’m Pro-Life.”

    ARA: “Knowing what I am and the fact that I loathe you and you despise me, do
    you consider my life to be ‘sacred’?”

    A-A: “No.”

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