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by on October 29, 2014

(music by Boston)



We were just another band outta DC..
On the ROADS WE BUILT, so ya’ll can make ends meet..
There, are the Occupiers poopin’ on police cars..
& they trespassed right on down in the streets…. πŸ™‚

Though, he Redistributed money..
He gave ’em just enough to get by..
But when he got up on stage & teleprompter pressed play..
Zombies came alive! πŸ™‚ ……

Barock N’ Roll Band…
Ev’rybody’s faintin’…
Get lazy…
More Gov… & goodies… πŸ™‚
Pay.. pay.. pay yeah, yeah, yeah yeah!….


Protestin’ in the streets of Wisconsin..
Unions gettin’ pretty good at the game..
Teachers stood on lines, students didn’t seem to mind..
You know, ev’rybody cursed Walkers name! 😦

Livin’ on Barock n’ Roll foodstamps..
Never worried ’bout the independence they were missin’..
When he got up on stage & teleprompter pressed play..
Low-Info’s listened…….

Barock N’ Roll Band…
Ev’rybody’s faintin’..
Gettin’ lazy….
More Gov… & goodies!… πŸ™‚
Pay.. pay.. pay up yeah, yeah, ‘O’oooo!…..

GUITAR! πŸ™‚ ….

Campaignin’ for a week in Rhode Island..
Stayed away from states where races are tight..
He dropped in polls far, like sales for electric cars..
They said, boy this ‘Leader From The Back’s’ disappearin’ outta sight….

‘O’!…. 😦

Don’t sign the solar company contract!..
You know we once had great expectations 😦
Well I fear we’re gonna all take the fall..
For this Nobel Peace Prize sensation….. 😦

Yeah!.. yeah! 😦

Barock N’ Roll Band..
Ev’rybody’s strayin’.. 😦
Got lazy..
Were anticipatin’..
More Gov.. & goodies..
Lame.. lame.. lame!…….

Yeah BO you!… 😦

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