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by on April 29, 2014

(music by Bobby Darin)

SARAH: “Waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists”…

Right On!.. ‘Mama-Grizzly’ Right On!…

Splish Slash.. she would give ’em a bath!..
Waterboard ’em every night 🙂 .. yeah
Rub a dub.. just relax ’em in a tub..
They’ll tell us everything, alright… 🙂

When, they’re dunked in the tub..
Spill their guts a lot more..
Lay a towel on ’em & then,
Baptize some more!..
& then a-Splish Splash!..
No terror can they hatch..
Well, that is how we’ll know,
When there is plottin’ goin’ on….

They were a-splishin’ and a-splashin’ 🙂
Dealin’.. ’cause of the feelin’..
Droolin’.. she ain’t foolin’..
Undockin’ and a crowin’! yeah!…

Bill Clinton SAX 🙂 (‘enhanced interrogation technique’) …..

Bing Bang.. she’d dunk the whole gang..
Gaggin’ on the interrogation room rug..
yeah 🙂
Flip Flop.. secret info’s what we got 🙂
All the terrorists had the blabberin’ bug….

There was, Special-Ops.. with a, black-sites used..
Good golly!.. loud music, was a even played too!..
A well a, Splish! Splash!.. ‘enhanced’ was the bath..
YOU BETCHA she says Rendition’s on!
They’d a crowin’ and a yodelin’!..
Dealin’.. ’cause of the feelin’ 🙂
Droolin’.. no more foolin’..
Splishin’ and a Splashin’..

yeah.. she would a Splish ‘Em and a Splash ‘Em!..
A hold ’em and a roll ’em..
yeah, they be droolin’.. ’cause she ain’t foolin’!.. woo!
They be dealin’.. ’cause of that feelin’ 🙂 aaah!
They crowin’.. and a yodelin’ 🙂
Droolin’.. water movin; 🙂
SPLISH!.. SPLASH!.. yeah!….
Splish ‘Em and a Splash ‘Em..
One More Time!.. Splish ‘Em and a Splash ‘Em 🙂
Oooh!.. droolin’.. this mama ain’t foolin’!..
Yeah, terrorists would be Splishin’ and a Splashin’! 🙂 …..

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